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Trivia questions and answers are the most important ingredient in a good online trivia game. For a game to be good both the trivia questions and answers have to be entertaining as well as interesting. Sometimes boring trivia questions can by livened up by good answers that can be funny or just smart. Anyone who ever took an SAT knows that sometimes you can know the answers to trivia questions just by ruling out answers that you know are wrong, or sometimes by following 'hints' in the texts of the trivia questions and answers. For example sometimes the text of trivia questions can lead you to the answers by adding some bit of information that is relevant only to the right answer. Other times the trivia answers can help you understand the questions. This happens a lot in math trivia questions in which the answers can help you understand what it is that the question is asking, especially when trivia questions use terminology that you are not very familiar with. Check out  for examples.

The most interesting trivia questions and answers can be hard to find. Many trivia games websites let their players write their trivia questions and answers. This can be fun in a way, but it is not the way to get high quality questions or answers. While anyone can enjoy writing trivia questions, not everyone can be good at it, and not all questions fit game shows like trivial pursuit game or 1 vs 100

If you need ideas for trivia Q&A you can search online for trivia quizzes or just go and search where can you play trivia  and sign up for free account. You can also try one of the TV game show sites, like jeopardy game online . If you are after entertainment trivia question, check out 274trivia LOS entertainment games which have many nice TV trivia questions. This type of multiplayer trivia games is free to join and you can have lots of fun playing and writing your own trivia questions. Free trivia games are both fun and educating, so it is not that bad if you discover you get a bit addicted to these games and play over a hour every day.

If you want to find high a quality free trivia question and answers online, it would probably be best to overlook all the fun community trivia websites and go directly to websites that use professionals to write their trivia questions and answers. check out our links page to read more

How good are Americans at answering trivia questions:


How good are the British at answering trivia questions:




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